Know & Use Your Living Divine Blueprint–God's Gift to Everyone.

The Complete DCR1 Update for 2011-2012


(a/k/a “The Divine Codes”, “DCR1″, “Your Cosmic Bill of Rights”)

1. Regardless of past, prior, and other affiliations, connections, networks, agreements and growth, an Individual shall possess the inviolable urge, right and capacity to be who and what it wants to be, at any and all times, without recriminations, retributions, penalties or dogmas insisted upon it by any part of itself or “Other”.

2A. All Higher-Ups, Guides, Family Members[1] and Children of this Individual are to protect, encourage and whole-heartedly allow this power and act of constant, free self-determination, by any Individual with whom they are connected.

2B. The Divine Creator disposes this right to any and all Individuals of the Universes, for purpose of his and/or her pursuit of higher learning, Divine enlightenment and experiences of freedom and consequence.

2C. The Divine Creator allows any and all Individuals to call upon their Creator at any time, in order for assistance in manifesting their rights, in their current reality.

2D. No members, Higher Guides, or individuals or organizations affiliated in any way with that Individual may seek to impede or disguise or destroy his or her rightful acts of self-determination.

3A. All such Family members are to assist in, encourage, and make their Family members aware of their divine rights of free self-determination, without imposing their own self-interests as blockage to any one’s growth, to the best of their sincere abilities and positions of relationship to that individual.

3B. All Family members are, to the best of their natural abilities, without compromise of self, to encourage the Divine Higher Connection for each individual, to flourish and magnify as that one seeks to do.

3C. The rights of the individual shall always be supported by the group. The group’s growth and strength are best assisted over the long-term of NOW, by allowing the free flow of individuals back and forth amongst all groups, so that the individual creative growth and flow of self-determination empowers the pulse, creative thought, experimentation and growth of all groups.

This universal freedom allows the Divine Creator’s greater personal growth from interaction with and meditation upon the increased harmony, pleasure, constructive uncertainty and fearless—that is, loving, strong, and mobile—growth of its all and individual members, networks, circulatory systems and possibilities.

4A. This growth makes the Divine Creator even more successively joyful and responsive to the intimate needs of the individuals, in ways which will manifest the happiness of the individuals according to the wisdom and holistic logic of their decisions.

4B. The Divine Creator is to be assisted in carrying out these Codes to the best of each individual’s and group’s/network’s abilities at that and at any given time.

4C. The creation of events and conditions which are personally pleasing to the individual shall magnify the glory of the Creator and all individuals.

4D. The right to self-determination of any individual shall remain indefinitely and infinitely, in depth and detail, available for the duration of this remaining Cosmic Day.

5A. No conditions or group decisions to submerge or repress the reality of this Divine Code Rule Number One shall remain in effect any longer than it takes for the entire and/or local Cosmic Network of Divine Rays to assist in their realignment to the universal harmony of this Code Rule.

5B. None shall knowingly impede efforts to reimpose or regrow Universal Harmony in any system, network, family, or individual without incurring certain learning penalties and power-permit withholdings.

5C. These penalties and withholdings are only to remain in force and effect for the length of time, to the degree and in the manner deemed necessary by reflection and experience, in order to bring their experients back into Cosmic Alignment with this Code Rule.

6A. The right of any and all individuals, foremost, and networks, secondarily, to learn in freedom of doing “right and wrong” in relation to the flow of Harmony back and forth throughout the Divine Creator’s “spiritual ecosystem”, shall not be abridged or withdrawn because of the fact of those “right or wrong” decisions.

6B. The seeming paradox or duality conflict between the tenets of No. 5, and No. 6A, shall always be “settled” by adjournment or recess to call upon the Divine Creator’s wisdom, which is greater than and so Divinely harmonizes and impels truth into any and all situations of seeming paradox and/or conflict.

7A. All individuals, families, and networks sprung therefrom, shall not only benefit from their own positive behavior and encouragement into freedom:  All shall share the benefits of All, it being understood and accepted that universally uniform growth rate and freedom is not expected or demanded at any time. The Cosmic Day rhythms of Divine Dictate must still be understood and accepted and experienced by all parties.

7B. All interactions of, and nature of, the Divine Creator must be represented to others by local networks and individuals as being of a positive force and nature.

7C. To the extent to which this is followed, and consciously learned, by individuals and systems, the more they partake of the Nectar of Divine Harmony and the growth into sublime networks and understandings, which reflect more purely that Divine Ray of Intent.

7D. The Divine Ray of Wisdom and Intent seeks illumination and harmony with all localized systems, families and individuals. When bent toward this generalized direction, all individual freedom of self-determination and growth must flourish for the individual, resound throughout the Universe, and empower the Creator to greater satisfaction.

8A. There is no greater satisfaction than to increase the Divine Creator’s satisfaction due to the empowerment and growth of all individuals, as outlined above.

8B. No court of ruling or judgment shall abridge or impede the individual’s right to partake of this Universal Divine Code Rule Number One.

8C. All courts, rulings, and judgments shall include fair self-representation and legal (logical) guidance for all interested (related) parties.

8D. The rights of the individual shall not be unfairly abridged or destroyed (deleted) by the claimed rights of any other entities or groups, as defined back in No. 1.

9A. No cruel and unusual punishment shall be meted out upon any group or individual.

10A. All involvement in courts shall be a free-will offering of love and wisdom, without further self-aggrandizement or interest.

10B. The rights of the courts shall not supersede the reasonable rights of the individuals or organizations (families, affiliations). That is, the courts shall seek to serve only the Divine Ray, while considering whole-heartedly the welfare and growth of the parties being represented before the courts.

10C. Within these courts shall be seated representations for every spiritual/ethnic/planetary mixture and background of the individuals concerned, or at least, undisputed experts in those fields, so that the Ray of the Divine Creator may fill the jury/courts with a more perfect understanding of the influences and ideological concepts admixtured within each person involved in that dispute.

Selection of courts/representations/jurors may take into consideration geographic necessity and timeliness requirements of that case.

11A. There is no recourse to a branch of Higher Power other than the Higher Power branch which extends down to that courtroom, unless spiritual pragmatism clearly shows the necessity of a higher understanding of the particulars of that case than are readily available.

11B. Any recourse to a more direct quotation from a Higher Power readily available in that courtroom (in order to imbue the minds of the participants with influence) shall be an entirely voluntary matter. That is, Higher Power can only be invited (not demanded) on the basis of spiritual logic and necessity.

11C. The courts shall seek to breathe in only the air of the most Divine influences. Any pandering, intentional misrepresentation of interests and realities, or attempts to subvert the flow of Divine Justice is penalizable upon death or upon ostracism from the Divine Planetary Sector, at the conclusion of the hearings.

11D. No Planetary Sector shall involve itself unnecessarily or mercilessly into the activities of another Sector. The Power Permit holders of that Divine Ray of that Sector must establish influential communication with its courts system and Sector-related cases universe-wide at all times, in order to avoid the grievous miscarriage of justice common to areas left only unto Subliminal Divine Influence (such as the Earth Regions at this Now Time).

12A. The interrelationships between families and courts must be indisputably clear. All families must remain consistently linked to instantaneous available justice systems.

The different, varying families to which an individual belongs must maintain an air of proprietary influence (not in any possessive sense) yet remain indistinguishable above (not exalt themselves above) the rights of that individual, in any and every court judgment affair, whether post-death or pre-birth or upon ostracism or placement in another planetary/dimensional game colony. That is, no family shall overly influence a court against any client, whether or not presently or formerly of that family.

All families must maintain clear certification of their Sector ratings (Divine Ray degree of acceptance/absorption into their interests and consciousness activities) and maintain these with public availability to every Sector entrance to that family. Every family member seeking to leave a family, or to enter a family, must receive clear, comprehensible information regarding the nature of that game/family field which they are considering entrance to, discourse with or exit from. That member must also be clearly notified of what entrance/exit/activity penalties/pluses/processes they might be enduring/educating themselves into, as a result of their actions therein.

12B. No individual shall be coerced into maintaining, entering into or leaving any given family games/activities learning areas. All shall maintain varying degrees of subliminal/overt consciousness regarding their freedoms, and their own personal spiritual certifiability ranking and consequence number (ratio). This shall be maintained in order to pursue that connection with Higher Power through family and individual activities which maintains or distends their spiritual ranking/value to their spiritual/planetary influence community at large.

12C. All individuals shall be—and must be—notified under varying individualized formats, of those games and life/Sector entrance activities which may best suit their spiritual seekings and growth.

No human being may be denied knowledge of their ranking, growth and possibilities for highest and most pleasurable spiritual/personal growth, simply because they are observers and explorers of the outer limits of growth conditions in this Universe.

That is, no Higher Self or Selves, on up to Oversoul, shall treat an individual human unit as being a mere subunit, unworthy of immersion into the full, normal divine cosmic activities/growth processes and flow. No human being shall be considered unworthy of eventual entrance into the Hall of Fame of their past and future ancestors.

No human prototype shall remain unworthy of entering into the highest individual association possible with their Divine Creator Spirit Prototype. That is to say, no human spirit/soul may be simply used and discarded or abused as an exploratory vehicle, without appropriate and dire penalties upon the family members responsible, and without resuscitation of that human family member into an even higher positivity influence ranking in the Hall of Fame unit of that family, and more importantly, of that Divine Ray of Influence Sector.

12D. All pain and punishment, imposed or chosen by a human being or their guardians, teachers or family members and associated courts must maintain the strictly highest correlative spiritual growth value.

Simply spoken:

All pain must equal growth, and/or gain, commensurate with and adequately multiplied over its original base experience index value.

12E. All human beings are to be nurtured into the proper processes and understandings that no limitations may be placed upon them in any way, shape, manner or event, other than what is currently, spiritually logical and rational for their highest growth, game scores, and unity with their Sector’s Rays of Influence of the Divine Creator.

12F. All human beings are to be filled with the understandings, proper to their time, place, method and ranking of personal growth, that no limitations are meant to exist upon how high, how far, how deep and how pleasurably intensely they may grow into service and pleasurable consciousness of the Divine Creator, regardless of the relative status of any other entities or families/groups.

Human beings are not to be subsumed, dissolved, misused or imprisoned within any Sector or any family’s game, in order for any Sector individual or group, or family, to maintain power over them. No entities may leach off or demand the power of other entities, including humans, without appropriate penalties imposed upon them and resumption of power rankings to those misused.

Clones, whether psychic or physical, are not to be used to demand or drain others’ karmic/spiritual powers. Misusers set themselves and their families back several generational units.

12G. Humans are to be recognized as maintaining the highest spiritual purity ranking value in the universes, in deference to their submission to powers and pains of growth and understanding through dire sequence of consequence, to which other entities and other (higher) aspects of humans are not to be subjected at this time (nor have they volunteered to be subjected).

The apparent use/misuse of humanly powers and perceptions by humans is not to distort from or dilute the higher reality of the values of any human-based Sector, whether one emerging from “darkness”, such as are Earth’s regional directors, or whether one intent upon distorting higher powers, influences and relativities/relationships, as are several others.

Note #1: This Completes Universal Divine Code Rule Number One. May the Blessing of the Divine and Local Rays and Creators shine upon all individuals, families, memberships and formations of free will rule, with love and dignity, without end. AMEN.

Note #2: There are several subjunctions and opinions extended onto this Code Rule Number One, since of course the Divine Creator has meditated upon these matters, without end, in consideration of the rapidly approaching (several billion years henceforth) end of this Cosmic Day.

Note #3: Similar odds exist for fruition among all sectors of human life, upon all Earths and in all heavens, individually and within recombinant group memberships and platforms of understanding.

Factor in the differences between upcoming wisdom particles and their commensurate wavelengths of expressed evolution available for human consumption in the near enough future.

Sub-Note One:

The Divine is instilling higher Code regulations directly into human psyches worldwide.

Trusting these packets of Light knowledge will be activated into fullest unison of harmonious results.

Knowledge of these differing aspects of spiritual law means consideration of those most relevant for your ray structural growth.

Inducement of these Codes’ migration into the various structures of human behavioral systems requires that adequate focus be paid to those wavelengths that are naturally adequate for growth, allowing for one’s individual ray structure as a birthright component.

While all are of equally spiritual stature, the magnificent initiation sequences for coded structural ingestion requires human accumulation of truths sublime enough to activate their personal ray structure internal codings.

Consider relevance of individual ray structure in order to ingest the higher assimilable truth packets. What is wholesome, in essence, is of universal quality. At the same time, any available entry points into an individual person’s developed ray structure may be used for ease of assimilation, accumulation and recombinant display of these Code qualities for one’s suitable growth.

Understanding these ray concept structures may be difficult or unusual for many.

Consider this allegory of the snowflake, each as primarily unique in its three-dimensional qualities as in any human’s six-dimensional qualities.

Each one snowflake you may say, possesses individual characteristics which allow its structural components to be seen as specific unique visual behaviors:

The angle, shape, length, location, individuation and curvatures of every angle, spiral, corner, branch, indentation, and in short, the manifested pattern, are in innate unique response to the innermost qualities of “being” a snowflake, as so much is made of its union with, and unique shape in comparison to, all other snowflakes.

Now, consider these selfsame endless varieties of possible snowflake shapes in response to their interior potentialities, and you allow yourself a glimpse of the innate mechanisms at work that do influence the curvature, shape, heft, strength, exhibited radiance and goals of every human being.

In its unique stature and spiritual signature, so to speak, every human soul shape reflects its divine influences and responses to those influences upon its innermost core of being.

Those influences extend into all directions of course, into all of past, present and future of these current lifetimes.

Consider this:

The Divine Sun of personality has shaped every innermost being from its moments of conception into these Earth sequences. Every being has been garnering experiences and acquiring motivations and focus that reflect, over time, the nature of certain Divine Ray influences, radiated in an infinite number of “divine sun rays of expressible possibilities” through their interactions within each human’s psyche.

Measurement of any ray structure requires knowledge, foremost, of all ray sequence base initiations prevalent within those structures, which may be expressed in a numerical function far in excess of any former calculations.


Inside every ray structural component of an individual’s spiritual makeup, includes, incalculable potentialities for growth.

Once an illumination of those structures proceeds in accordance within higher potentiality basis of experience, growth may accelerate beyond all displayed notions of structured limitations upon a lifetime’s growth.

As if any snowflake, once exposed to those current possible evolutions provided from within the Grand Matrix of all snowflakes in any system, had multiplied the evolutionary systems at work upon any and all snowflakes to induce this hyper-acceleratory growth within regions of the “psyche” and the “personality” of an every snowflake, to motivate its growth expansion into a higher expression of its own remarkable unique functions of its design, purpose and “experience of its ‘life’”.

Sub-Note Two:

Self knowledge of these crystalline patterns and habitual exercises of self’s authority within one’s structural design, remain instantly perceptible by any human being willing to observe their interior self.

Gradient growth, that is measured, purposive growth expressed in wholly harmonious units of energy, is in response to those most accessible packets of truth energy ingested through those most developed aspects of one’s ray structured growth patterns.

Intensive cultivation of growth within an individual’s ray structural units (psyche-into-personality access points) will best occur once one’s ray structural conditions are acknowledged, and exposed to those higher generational units of evolutionary forces available for stimulating those common access points.

Those common access points are to be stimulated into allowing that flow of higher generational forces whose ranking admits them access into that individual solely for the purpose of inducing limitation-breaking energy flows. They exist to induce superior behavioral flows and genuine ascension into superior growth.

Ray structural growth is a primary purpose for these inducements of behavioral changes during anyone’s lifetime.

That may be expressed as if each “ray of cosmic influence” more fully completes its experience within each individual accessed according to each individual’s openness towards that ray.

Each individual’s openness may be seen as a roughly matching numerical equivalent potential vibrating both within the subscriber (the human soul voluntarily accessible to growth under unique functions of the pure ray’s expressible equivalent into human life), and within those fuller expressions of sacred human cultivated numerical dynamic (emerging into the soul from that ray’s influence).

Thus is the individual’s soul rewarded for seeking fuller exposure to those aspects of numerical ray structural units most conducive to growth in life patterns of fulfillment.

Sub-Note Three: Your eyes are cleansing. Your routes are straightening out from the bewildering by-ways of past pains and pleasures. Soon your spiritual routes shall be known with gladness and clarity in your hearts.

Until then, DCR1 stands as a signal of truth to block incipient shadows (darkness in self) whose obedience to none other than their own self interests, remains beyond question.

Pursue messages, in self, whose vitality influences your internal growth even as a star, fed by cosmic internal fuels from an unseen heart of the galaxies, prepares readiness to obey divine cosmic realities.

Whether these internal signals are readily obeyed by conscious self or not, those true impulses can never be forgotten, much less avoided.

For DCR1 to manifest these higher realities into your lives, preparation is required.

The soils of your souls must be tilled a little longer. The stones of any unbelief in self goodness as a product of any human life, may and must be plucked from the ground to be deposited in a discard pile.

For the incipient wisdom of DCR1 to make manifest changes into the lives of any and every one, so that these (annualized) reports and notes are not necessary, two tools of recognizance must be used as well as followed to the utmost of your any abilities:

First, voluntary growth is the nature of the Universal Purposes. No further growth in any human scenario may further take place than any conscious consent is given. (Limited beliefs notwithstanding, your conscious fears of self growth are meant to be dissolved into today’s changes.)

Second, about all self-growing power potential for reinstatement of any human soul into its former positions of Glory within Creator’s Universe:

Necessary adjustments to any one conscious self’s fears must be undergone as an adventurous task, not as a descent into darkness of humbled awful darkened souls groping for the lightness.

For the latter approach’s heaviness is an unbearable weight upon the soul struggling to un-deceive itself as to its former glory and present purposes.

Respect for self reliance within any individual’s crystalline outer structure makes available internal tasks of self healing into clear-eyed, open-hearted soul growth.

In essence, the responsibility for any soul growth falls primarily upon your selves.

No one else can or may primarily substitute their efforts on behalf of your own self enrichment, for your own courageous efforts.

Evading freedom for any soul bears awesome consequences. What you deny today, you may suffer from tomorrow.

What you accept today, as for your own highest good, opens these crystalline points of access for your own highest rays’ self-structures of growth into your lifetime.

Fruition of your soul’s purposes for being (in existence) may particularly be in emphasis during such times of incipient (expected) advance commonly known as your soul ascension in these latter-days-of-your-immersion-into-darkness-times.

Remember, the group experience, of your oversoul’s growth as well as of any spiritual Family group, must take advantage of any upsurge into higher realities available for experiencing.

No matter at what level of submergence of self’s wisdom into the darkness of unknowing during any incarnational soul’s earthly cycles, one most vital tool for any soul growth initiatives remains this:

Finding & accepting ANY convenient applicable means for inducing any higher Divine Ray of Influence cycle into a more resonant match within your own divine enrichment systems.

Grant this access to these Rays of enlightenment through any spiritual enrichment point made available into any lifetimes of yours.

What you may do today, as a simple access tool for divining your own wellbeing-point to put into action, is to say this Prayer of Pure Goal Words:

“Divine Master of All, Creator of Any and All; Sacred Creature of All Creation’s Power, Truth and Oneness, grant me this day, access to these educational tools suitably matched for my own highest soul growth today.

“Grant me this entrance tool into my own higher dimensional, highest destiny advancement phases in harmony within the sacred sphere of this Heavenly Earth.

“Grant me full access to any and all Divine Ray Influences most potently to be applied to my soul’s development at this time.

“Show me in this perfect Ray of spiritual advancement, what to do, how to live a purposeful life, how to awaken any destiny gifts you have prepared before me to accept in this powerful time for soul advancement.

“Make these and my soul families’ experience upon Earth be a fruitful gift of your love pouring into mine and all our lives as well as we can do.

“Guide these soul-ray-structure alignments within my conscious being, in harmonious accord with all other human beings upon this Earth at this very moment.

“Let us all be blessed in the common human goal of advancing love, light, peace, wisdom, prosperity upon this Holy Earth in your most Sacred Name, Amen.”

Accept this joint project for all humanity includes every human soul repeating these exact above words at any given time.

How is this possible?

For the leavening of the bread, for the rising of mankind’s advancement into any higher dimensional game colonies / spiritual destinies as a group and as an every one, these words must be given subconscious response, on any level, to any possible degree of the simple word:  “Yes.”

For these potent ray structures opening your lifetimes into any higher degree of miracle-enacting as well as spiritual peacemaking—for the inevitable peaceful world societies’ advancement into greater harmony within Divine and Common Human Nature upon your Earth (as well as, in turn, upon any other Earth in existence), your greater consent to wellbeing opens any greater doors within yourself made accessible by your own history and planned destiny.

You must open these doors of welcoming into your own selves, the highest, most good potential human nature you can possibly imagine.

Such an effort is completely worth it.

Accept this fact—your success upon any levels you are currently dwelling upon, is well known as guaranteed.

What is of greatest consequence is any application of these higher soul faculties into direct experience, must begin in greater earnest effort towards the common human “goals” of awakeness, pure happiness, more pure God and Goddess alignment within self than ever before.

Do not worry—perfection of results simply means this:

You do your very best in any given situation for growth—and do leave the rest up to God!

Accept this:

Limitations upon your soul growth may steadily fall away, despite any vast historical incidents reckoned by your conscious self to the contrary.

This is why your soul’s response to the Divine Creator’s encodement of wellbeing-reality into your solar selves system–(into your conscious, subconscious, superconscious and over-consciousnesses’ selves spiritual (not necessarily physical genetic) families, beings and cycles, which are all working together as free-floating and mixing and assembling individual and group units)–is so critical for your growth in these times of upward assent:

Because your soul consent increases the more your conscious self also agrees to these Higher-Good changes, you may readily enhance your own soul growth into gladness according to your conscious statement of any consent, of any YES, into the words as above spoken.

For, while every human has already given great consent to the YES answer implicit in the above “request-command”, on SOME level of its conscious-into-subconscious humanity experience, a vital tool for your own advancement is to make a more conscious YES statement to the above Pure Goal Words.

For the above Pure Goal Words are as an agreement to make the very best usage of unknown Divine spiritual tools to be applied into the growing tasks of this human lifetime—to be applied into your own honored specific circumstances of whatever religious stance or platform, whatever level of conscious effort you make into Divine Wellbeing under any God names, terms, circumstances, rituals or fellowships.

These above Holy Extract words are meant to specifically embrace your God-given place within any religion or spiritual path at all—

This personal human embrace of accepting God’s highest and best available for your use at this time is the driving force behind encodement of DCR1 into any English language equivalents to be desired to be read at this time.

This our human project—

To ready one and all for greater awareness of the oneness, the holiness, and the sacred practical power of every human flower blossoming from filth or beauty, into a more Holy State of Garden Access than ever before conceived or created, ever since the Original Access of Divine Creation Subunits, to be known as future humans, ever first conceived of a Mother Earth, and gave her First Birth.

We have spoken enough for now. Welcome these subunits of life known as daily experiences, to magnify and bless all humanity’s welfare, as best you can, and your lives shall be worthy and made complete.

We bless you and release all into welcoming Higher Reality Units known as your Pure Soul’s Kiss.

Note #3: The perpetuation and distribution of this knowledge shall not serve to otherwise promote any single doctrine of deity and selfhood, nor to dissuade or destroy any single doctrine of deity and selfhood. All are to learn to dwell in peace, cooperation, brotherhood, and true knowledge of True Freedom.


We are your The Crystalline Ones, readily available for any human subunit to contact for access to these immersion points into Greater Soul Bliss that the Divine Creator has prepared for mankind.

This ends our update to Divine Code Rule Number One!

For Earthly application through the early part of your Earth year 2012, as stated.

Peace, blessings, encouragement unto one and all.



—The Crystalline Ones

together the Hierarchy of the New Age, in conjunction with the localized rainbows of Divine Rays of Understanding, prepared for Earth and Earth Regional Comprehension, Dissemination and Growth. Direct quotations from us, in Earth script, of these Codes are most difficult because of the sweeping and intensely inclusive natures of these derivatives/laws, which are meant for Earth history enlightenment through the beginning of year 2012.

First “downloaded” in recognizable Earth format to “Signet” on July 27, 1998. First updated version received on November 29, 1998. Second updated version received on November 5, 2008. Third updated version received on January 7, 2011.

Any further reordering or updates shall be maintained for further clarification of these Codes, for Earth intellectual stimulation / consumption.

Universal Divine Code Rule Number One (also known as Your Cosmic Bill of Rights) is Copyright 1998, 2008, 2011, as transcribed by “Signet”. You DO NOT have permission to alter the contents of this document. YOU ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED to noncommercially reproduce and distribute this document—in whole, whenever possible, so that its parts may be read in proper context.

[1] A spiritual Family is a “nesting” of souls drawn temporarily together for wellbeing by their common focus upon soul growth problems’ solutions. Your Families are not necessarily related entirely to your current genetic physical historical family.

Spiritual Families can involve different planetary origins, spiritual, sexual, and group alignments, special soul interests and challenges of an infinite nature and variety.

Every Family’s chosen soul tasks, for individual members and as a group, are coming up for new completion and game score culminations at the conclusion of this level of humanity’s lowered condition of access to Divine Creator’s ongoing soul events.

Families are of an omni-incarnational access point for everyone regardless of their biological (genetic humanly) bodies, and regardless of the karmic lineage engendered in all their roles as physical earthly ancestors and descendants, played throughout time.

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