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Welcome “New God’s” Rule on Earth August 2011, Part II

Why has New God come?

Because we humans are rightly judged as prepared for a new, higher round of more intensive education in our Return To Reality.

Our projected Return, step-by-step, includes our shift into the grace of universal harmony with our neighboring worlds’ sentient beings.

Our neighbors are peacefully united under The Forces of Light. Luckily for us, part of their own lessons under The Divine Codes include protecting us humans from Earthly self destruction by toxifying and bludgeoning ourselves into complete insensibility.

To our diligent neighbors we owe the greatest of gratitude. We simply would not exist on Earth today without their wise caring efforts!

Since their efforts are limited to what they’re allowed under our regimen of free will experimentation, they strongly suggest:

As individuals and groups, we must call upon our Divine Creator for these Forces of God’s Light to permeate our Earthly lives with their noble essence.

“Heavenly Creator, Progenitor Father-Mother God,

“We ask You today to bless those unifying Forces of Light whose sole purpose here is our well being and advance. We ask that You give them full and complete permission to do all necessary good for the well being of humanity and Mother Earth.

“We ask that You grant them the full use of all tools necessary to bring humanity back into complete survival harmony with our environment. We ask that they be empowered to do this in ways completely in harmony with our best spiritual destiny as Your Sons and Daughters upon Earth.

“We ask that they guide us by means known and unknown to us, in whatever ways You deem fittest for Your human race upon Earth. We ask that full power and wisdom be granted by You to them, and to us, for all these necessary tasks.

“We ask for a joyful peaceful coexistence in harmony with them and all creatures, in the Most Holy Name, Amen.

“And so it is.”

See that you speak these prayers as willing and glad, trusting children of your Divine Creator who watches over all, the good and the bad, for reconciliation with Him.

Please make sure that you grasp this opportunity:

Take fuller responsibility to do what good you can do, for yourselves and others, at this stage of your evolution!

Empowered, our caring neighbors can increase their help to reduce human suffering and global misery.

Will you not trust your Creator and New God enough to ask for this help today? Is your race’s continued existence on Earth not worth this humble request? Can you not glimpse the great possibilities to come from your conscious willing request?

Sooner than we imagine, we shall peaceably meet our planetary and dimensional neighbors. What a vastly humbling moment for ourselves, and a gratifying moment for them!

When we the children of Earth meet those who have saved our skins from infinite harm, time after unknown time, a great joyful shout will arise from the throats of all humanity:

“We have met our neighbors—and they are us!”

As our upward educational spiral now quickens, so do our potential challenges, rewards, dangers–and magnificent results.

For our one global human family.

We invite you to pause, to thank Old God and New God as One:

“With full hearts we are grateful for Old God. With glad hearts we welcome New God. We welcome their Divine Will as One. We welcome their new level of Divine Plan for us.

“We welcome New Christ Energies, New Buddhic Energies, New Tools for bringing us into experience of God’s Divine Plan. We welcome these Divine Higher Energies bringing more familiar freedom of love for God into each and every religion’s provenance.

“We welcome again the infinite blessings of Old God and the infinite blessings of New God into our lives and our world.

“We give thanks, again and again and again. Amen.”

–The Crystalline Ones, Hierarchy for the New Age of Mankind’s Entrance into the World of God’s Blessings

Copyright “Signet” 2011

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Welcome “New God’s” Rule on Earth August 2011, Part I of II

As reported earlier, our beloved aspect of the Divine Creator known as God, or “The Ancient of Days” in Biblical terminology, has fulfilled His / Her Earthly mission.

For uncountable eons, God has nurtured us humans as part of the many destinies and purposes of Planet Earth. He has loyally shepherded us through the worst circumstances that our small minds could create.

He has ceaselessly used His Creative Will to allow us the lower dimensional experiences we sought through our human physical bodies–but as a series of ever-ascending spiritual lessons.

He has allowed our free will selves–despite our dim denials of our intrinsic soulhood–to roam and explore as they might.

He knew this stress would inevitably stimulate our natural desire to realign with His Natural Wisdom, just as the air in a balloon pulled deeper underwater increasingly desires a way to rise into the freedom of life above the water’s surface.

Throughout our travails, a part of Him our God has always suffered with us as we suffered.

Listened eagerly for signs of our desire to know Him. Fanned with Infinite Wisdom every hopeful soul’s flame in every blinding night.

Lifted and guided us, with sheer Love, from many a man-made crisis. Guided us from pathways of evil as much as our ignorance would allow.


Because that’s what a loving, all-wise God does. Especially for His children–those beings composed of His Divine Seed.

His Wisdom Path of creating, guiding, motivating and teaching us–of grading, rewarding and disciplining us, as necessary–throughout our many cycles of lives has evolved as overall conditions warranted.

To explain:

You as God don’t BLAME or punish your third graders because they haven’t yet acquired the skills or understanding of fourth, fifth or tenth graders. You treat them with loving firm respect with the best teachers for their own particular level.

You surely don’t blink in the face of their childish anger or lose your composure in their times of confusion. You don’t let them run wild in their school. You don’t let them take over the city government or the family finances or the police station.

You honor their progress. You note each unique strength and weakness displayed in order to integrate it into their lessons, by use of your Grand Lesson Plan.

You provide tutor and discipline for each student, as necessary. You’re eager for them to experiment, with greater competence, at each new level of adventurous possibility you’ve prepared.

You tailor their lessons, and consequences to motivate them, according to the student’s and the classes’ developed capacity to learn at that level.

You continually immerse them in whatever full curriculum is necessary to guide them into adulthood. You celebrate every passing subject with them. You support them through inevitable back-sliding and failures, knowing that’s just part of the path.

But however flexible you are, you also tend to establish time lines, or deadlines, for certain sets of lessons to be conquered by each student and class. This living parent-teacher-student relationship progresses as naturally and vitally as the seasons.

As God, your Grand Plan, your prepared series of studies, has constantly evolved over time–ever since the ancient beginnings of all teaching and all learning.

You have endlessly evolved CODES of training through freedom and its consequences to guide your students’ maturation. These Divine Codes also serve to maintain the wellness of their fellow creatures, surroundings, and planets through those growing pains.

On the galaxy-wide scale, you apply–with constant two-way input from all other teachers, schools, neighborhoods, families, courts, judges, theorists, scientists, psychologists, students, graduates, etc.–DIVINE CODE RULE NUMBER ONE’s principles to meet the specific needs created by consequences of the behavior of the many unique human races you nurture.

In brief:

You want them to harness their will to succeed at every necessary level, in every necessary way, so they can graduate from high school.

Just as a grade school has one administrator, a high school another, and a college yet another, so during the ages of mankind upon Earth the holy office of GOD has had different All-Loving Administrators, as described.

This August 2011, God, or for convenience of identification “Old God”, completes turning over command to the incoming aspect of the Divine Creator known as “The Youth of Ages”, or “New God”.

The title “New God” emphasizes His impending revolutionary transformations of human reality.

Why has He come?

Find out more in Part Two!

–The Crystalline Ones, Hierarchy for the New Age of Mankind’s Entrance into God’s Blessings

Copyright “Signet” 2011

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